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Victoria Beckham Beauty

Headless (Contentful & Shopify Plus).

Beauty eCommerce Platform.

  • Services:
  • JAMstack Build
  • Client Success Programme
  • Technology:
  • Headless
  • Contentful
  • Shopify Plus
  • Netlify

Victoria Beckham Beauty is a luxury beauty brand with a difference. Co-founded by Victoria Beckham and Sarah Creal, the clean beauty, digitally native brand positively embraces a startup mentality and sees innovation and speed as central to their approach.

Together we made the decision that for this project we needed the ability to move fast and be agile. We wanted flexibilility so we could run a single, multi-currency storefront (but still use the Shopify checkout). And we wanted the ability to move quickly through a streamlined development process. The decision was made to take a headless approach using JAMstack.

The results were truly impressive, Victoria Beckham Beauty launched in September 2019 with the site delivering a blazingly fast app-like experience on mobile, with no page reloads. Increased speed at the top of the sales funnel, impacted directly on conversion with product lines selling out.

01.1 — Homepage (Desktop)

01.2 — Homepage (Phone)

02 — Headless

VictoriaBeckhamBeauty.com uses a headless architecture, leveraging the Shopify Plus storefront API and a SPA (Single Page App) hosted on Netlify. Shopify manages customers, orders and provides multiple checkouts to deliver a multi-currency experience. Contentful provides the Victoria Beckham team with powerful content management tools to manage enriched product data.

03 — Product Collection Page (Desktop)

04.1 — Product Detail Pages (Phone)

04.2 — Product Detail Page (Desktop)